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ASOTU Weekly Push Back #8

We’re willing to be you probably had the most eventful-uneventful Thanksgiving week ever. Let’s leave it there...forever. Regardless of the shenanigans, we hope you had a great time with those closest to you! We did.

Regardless of how many people you had over, there is so much happening in the Auto Industry far beyond the usual year-end stuff. Here is what was ringing in our collective ears.
Keep Pushing Back,
Paul and the ASOTU Team

Auto Industry News

Gonna Rock Down to Electric Avenue?

The Automotive News Podcast, Daily Drive, dives into GM’s buyout offer for Cadillac dealers not wanting to commit to the brand’s all-electric future.

Telling it like it is — Fuel efficiency standards will be changing for at least the next four years and brands are already largely embracing the boogie woogie woogie of electric. Do you think other brands will make this offer?

And Then We’ll Take It Higher

Boom! Britain’s Bentley is committed to an all-electric future with a promise to fulfill this by 2026.

Telling it like it is — So… We don’t want to say we told you so. (Not like you didn’t know already)

Ford Makin’ Moves

Ford hired Suzy Deering as CMO, following her tenure as Ebay North America’s CMO for the past five years.

Telling it like it is — Times change, and sometimes your approach to who you hire for marketing and how you do marketing needs to also.


Ah, the Good Ol’ Google Update

The page experience update — which will affect ranking — will take effect in May of 2021. Here’s what you need your team or digital partner to be evaluating.


Ouch! What Degree Is That Burn?

Nathan Apodaca — the Ocean Spray skater guy on TikTok — received a new Nissan Frontier from the drink conglomerate. So how’s he enjoying that new ride? Oh, wait, he traded that in for Chevy Silverado 1500. Ouch!

What the Kids Are Up To

RiceGum — You Heard That Right. RiceGum

RiceGum started out with videos of him playing games. He’s since expanded that into video blog styled videos and diss tracks. That all has built him an audience of 10 million. Don’t get mad at us, our job is to tell you what the kids are into, not to condone it!

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Paul J Daly created the Automotive State of the Union in response to the chaos and fear of the COVID shutdown in early 2020 with the founding belief that “When Dealers Band Together, No Crisis Can Win.” He’s the Founder and CEO of Congruent, a full-service creative marketing agency that specializes in retail automotive. In 2019 he released “The Automotive Manifesto: How Brand Connection Can Save Retail Automotive” which received high praise from leaders inside and outside the industry. The startup Paul founded in 2003 was acquired by Dent Wizard International in 2018 enabling Paul to pivot his focus to serving and empowering other organizations to grow and thrive. His weekly Clarity Compressed Podcast has featured guests such as marketing master Gary Vaynerchuk, Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia, NYT bestseller and Storybrand CEO Donald Miller, and more. A Philly native, Paul calls Syracuse, NY home with his wife, four children, three dogs, two cats and whatever other pet his kids can talk him into.