Weekly Push Back

ASOTU Weekly Push Back #11

ASOTU Family ️,

We’ve made it (mostly) back to winter. Yesterday marked the first day of winter, and believe it or not, we will begin seeing a little more daylight each day for the next six months. I know, I’m annoyingly optimistic sometimes, but really, who needs to hear someone complaining about one more thing right now.

The truth is, there is so much to be thankful for, especially in THIS industry. The ASOTU team is gearing up to go all out to help dealers push back in 2021, and we are excited to have you as a part of it.

We released this interview with David Long, Executive GM at the Hansel Automotive Group a few days ago and I wanted to make sure you saw it. If you are a leader, you need to take some notes on this one!

Keep Pushing Back 

Paul and the ASOTU Team

PS: If you happen to be in, or be close with any leadership in your state’s auto dealer association, would you mind introducing me? We are working on special offerings at the state and local levels. You can just hit “reply” to this email.  

Auto Industry News

It’s December to Remember, Baby!

Saturday Night Live put its spin on the holiday sales commercials.

Telling it like it is — Okay, so this isn’t industry news, but it makes for a good laugh. C’mon. It’s the holiday season, after all.

Anybody (Nissan at) Home?

Nissan is enabling consumers to shop for a vehicle, schedule a test drive, and complete all of the paperwork from the comfort of home.

Telling it like it is — This was inevitable. We must meet the consumers’ behavior with new strategies. It’s never been more important to have a digital presence and brand as customers enter and explore their path to purchase.

Real Leaders Grow Leaders

Garber Rochester is making waves with employee retention by focusing on leadership development and internal promotions.

Telling it like it is — There is an attrition issue in automotive retail, a big one. BUT, there is a change in the air. For too long the industry has put profits before people both internally and externally. Now, there is nowhere to hide, and the winners will be the ones who adopt this reality from top to bottom.


Lawsuit City

Google and Facebook are looking at a major lawsuit filed by 10 state attorneys general about their monopoly power. Something to keep an eye on.


Get in the Spirit — While You Enjoy One, Too!

You’ve worked hard all year, so get in the holiday spirit with this list of the best Christmas movies and — if you imbibe — make yourself a cocktail and enjoy!

What the Kids Are Up To

That’s a Wrap (and Chat)

The kids are tuning into (at least 234,000 of them) Eve Bennett as she navigates life at college. This most recent video showcases her Christmas wrapping capabilities.

About the Speaker

Paul J Daly created the Automotive State of the Union in response to the chaos and fear of the COVID shutdown in early 2020 with the founding belief that “When Dealers Band Together, No Crisis Can Win.” He’s the Founder and CEO of Congruent, a full-service creative marketing agency that specializes in retail automotive. In 2019 he released “The Automotive Manifesto: How Brand Connection Can Save Retail Automotive” which received high praise from leaders inside and outside the industry. The startup Paul founded in 2003 was acquired by Dent Wizard International in 2018 enabling Paul to pivot his focus to serving and empowering other organizations to grow and thrive. His weekly Clarity Compressed Podcast has featured guests such as marketing master Gary Vaynerchuk, Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia, NYT bestseller and Storybrand CEO Donald Miller, and more. A Philly native, Paul calls Syracuse, NY home with his wife, four children, three dogs, two cats and whatever other pet his kids can talk him into.