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The Automotive Troublemaker

The Automotive Troublemaker is a daily, 15 minute podcast where Paul J Daly and Kyle Mountsier cover current news in auto, business, and culture, with a pinch of irreverence and a whole handful of heart.

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Of Dealers, For Dealers

Market forces and companies are aggressively working to dismantle, siphon from, and smear the dealership model. That's why we are empowering dealers to push back through ‘tell it like we see it’ programming and resources that inspire dealers to band together so they can continue their important work supporting local communities and providing economic stability for generations to come.

At a time of unprecedented uncertainty and turmoil in the auto industry, Paul Daly provided a vital platform for leaders of the industry to come together, provide critical updates, and share important information on everything from restarting vehicle production to operational changes at the dealership. The Automotive SOTU series helped tremendously in this regard, and I know we’re all looking forward to reconnecting when the next season of ASOTU begins in the fall.

Rhett Ricart
2020 NADA Chairman

Such a great time participating in this years Automotive State of the Union event. Sharing on the importance of corporate culture and its ROI for businesses never gets old.

James Orsini
President The Sasha Group

I had no idea how much response I would get after being on the Automotive State of the Union event. Email, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and all social media areas had responses, both my personal and all Street Volkswagen accounts. All was positive and was so uplifting to my team.

John Luciano
GM/Managing Partner, Street Volkswagen

Paul - At such a critical time, you helped bring our cottage industry together to listen, learn and lead our industry though the most surreal events of our lifetime. As a result of your and others efforts - it is clear that the state of our union is strong. And I personally am grateful for your leadership.

Alex Vetter
Director, President and CEO,

The ASOTU was a first class content series with industry experts. Fun, informative, and interactive! I learned a lot and am grateful for the team at Congruent for putting it together.

Matt Lasher
Director of Marketing @ West Herr Auto Group

 It was an honor and a treat to be a contributor at a live ASOTU event. Paul and his team truly care about the industry and walk the walk, and more importantly, the people who lead within it. The back of the house crew treated me like royalty and the production alone was worth it’s weight in gold! THANK YOU

Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

 The amount of relevant content that help me and my team guide our business through these unprecedented times has been priceless. So I just wanted to take this minute and say thank you to Paul and his team, but especially say thank you to those of you that took your time to lend your experience, strength and hope to me and to my team.

David Long
Executive Manager, Hansel Auto Group

Just wanted to quickly say how enthusiastic I am for the next automotive State of the Union. Paul, brought some really great guests. Remarkable topics. Everybody can learn something.

Mike Anderson
Owner at The Rikess Group

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Past Speakers

Hosted by Paul J Daly | CEO, Congruent

Rhett Ricart | 2020 NADA Chairman

Alex Vetter | CEO, CARS

Dale Pollak | Founder, vAuto

Peter Cooper | Owner, Lexus of Lehigh Valley

Brian Benstock | Vice President, Paragon Honda

Jeff Dantzler | General Manager, Manly Honda

David Long | Executive Manager, Hansel Auto Group

Tom Doll | CEO, Subaru North America

Michelle Denogean | CMO, Roadster

Bob Lanham   | Head of Automotive Retail, Facebook

Claude Silver | Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

Meet The Founder

Paul J Daly created the Automotive State of the Union in response to the chaos and fear of the COVID shutdown in early 2020 with the founding belief that “When Dealers Band Together, No Crisis Can Win.” He’s the Founder and CEO of Congruent, a full service creative marketing agency who specializes in retail automotive. In 2019 he released “The Automotive Manifesto: How Brand Connection Can Save Retail Automotive” which received high praises from leaders inside and outside the industry.

The startup Paul founded in 2003 was acquired by Dent Wizard International in 2018 enabling Paul to pivot his focus to serving and empowering other organizations to grow and thrive. His weekly Clarity Compressed Podcast has featured guests such as marketing master Gary Vaynerchuk, Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia, NYT best seller and Storybrand CEO Donald Miller, and more.

A Philly native, Paul calls Syracuse, NY home with his wife, four children, three dogs, two cats and whatever other pet his kids can talk him into.

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